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Center for Disability Services

Located on the first floor of the Taylor Center in room 147, just north of the Taylor Computer Lab, the Center for Disability Services (CDS) provides academic support services to students with disabilities. Our services include—

  • Test proctoring 

  • 亚洲一日韩欧美中文字幕在线_我被三个男人带到包间Interpreting

  • Captioning [CART]

  • 亚洲一日韩欧美中文字幕在线_我被三个男人带到包间Note taking

  • Assistive technology

  • Electronic text (E-text)

  • 亚洲一日韩欧美中文字幕在线_我被三个男人带到包间Braille & other alternative formats

  • Accommodations designed to meet the specific needs of each individual

Students with documented disabilities should register with CDS prior to the beginning of each semester of enrollment at AUM. More information regarding specific documentation requirements can be found by clicking on one of the documentation criteria to the upper right of your screen.
Disability Services also provides training and technical assistance regarding disabilities, accommodations, accessibility, or other services for individuals with disabilities. In addition, the Center for Disability Services acts as the campus' monitoring agency for compliance with the  and the .


CDS does not provide assessments or diagnose disabilities. Students are referred to appropriate campus resources such as the AUM Counseling Center, Student Health Services, Speech & Hearing Clinic, Learning Center, Instructional Support Lab and Career Development Center. In addition, students are referred to the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services or private psychologists as needed.

Our Mission Statement

  • To serve the university in facilitating accommodations for students, faculty, and staff.

  • To serve as the liaison for faculty, staff, and students with disabilities in academic and campus life activities.

  • 亚洲一日韩欧美中文字幕在线_我被三个男人带到包间To assist with the implementation of special accommodations utilizing resources of the Center for Disability Services.

  • 亚洲一日韩欧美中文字幕在线_我被三个男人带到包间To provide training and technical assistance regarding disabilities, accommodations, accessibility or service for individuals with disabilities.

  • To offer training and assistance through grant, project and program activities for individuals with disabilities.

Our Philosophy

By providing opportunities for enhancing educational, technological, vocational and self-advocacy skills, the Center for Disability Services helps individuals with disabilities to become more self-reliant, self-motivated and more successful citizens of the community.

Contact Information

Tel:  (334) 244-3631
Fax: (334) 244-3907